Super A-OK runs primarily like a studio, operating in multiple modes and across disciplines.

We are small, efficient, and useful.

We work on hardware and software, concept and execution, prototype and production, and from our multi-dimensional facility in Brooklyn, NY, have realized projects all over the world.



technical & creative consulting

Years of experience building components for use and abuse in the experiential event industry has given us a very particular set of skills.

We turn one-time activations into refined, reusable, and scalable components that you can deploy and depend on almost anywhere.

We have experience at every stage of the creative and production process and excel at filling challenging technical gaps.

multi-camera systems

We design, build and operate the best multi-camera systems in the industry, providing the highest level of service to some of the highest-profile events and most image-conscious brands in the world.

Our super reliable systems and professional approach make us one of the only providers of long-term unattended camera array installations in the world.

We provide competitive camera solutions for a broad spectrum of events. If you need something simple to drive engagement for an existing activation, we can help you out at


The workshop at Super A-OK is the physical embodiment of doing things ourselves.

We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to carry out highly cosmetic and technical machining, architectural-scale wood and metal fabrication, and precision mechanical and electronic prototyping.

equipment highlights:

  • vertical machining center
  • fdm and resin 3D printers
  • 200w co2 laser
  • large format CNC router
  • manual mill and lathe
  • hydraulic press and roll former
  • multi-process welding setup
  • full production wood shop
  • 6 axis robot arm
  • several screwdrivers





precision machining and fabrication

We operate a state-of-the-art CNC machine shop, alongside a traditional manual machine shop and fabrication facility. Our shop is designed for short-run production and functional prototyping as well as modification of existing parts and assemblies for the film and entertainment industries.

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We are able to rapidly bring product and component concepts to life and nimbly iterate on those concepts.

We excel at creating robust interface elements, integrating off-the-shelf electronics and hardware, and taking a holistic, pragmatic approach to building ideas.


Super A-OK headquarters is not just an amazing space — it's also a big part of who we are. It helps define how we work, what we make, and what we do for fun.

Our space consists of a large open studio area for photo, video, and other creative projects, within a larger workspace that holds our offices and machine shop, within an even larger converted warehouse that is also home to many of our friends and collaborators. Collectively our companies and our shared resources are known as Future Space.



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The right stuff: some general tools and supplies we use and like enough to recommend

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